3D Printing

3D printers use digital models to create three-dimensional objects. J. Murrey Atkins Library offers academic-related 3D printing services to UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff. Thanks to our partnership with the College of Computing and Informatics, the Makerspace has acquired additional 3D printers. Our 3D printers are currently managed by the Technology Support Desk located on the second floor. Please review the 3D Printing Policy before submitting a request for 3D prints. All requests should be submitted through the 3D Print Request Form.

Design 3D objects for classes, experiment with personal projects, or enhance classroom delivery through this innovative printing service!

3D Printing at Atkins

3D printing is available as a service through the library's Makerspace, located on the second floor. The 3D printers available for print requests are:

  • MakerBot Replicator, 5th Generation
    • Build Volume: 9.9 L x 7.8 W x 5.9 H inches
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended
    • Build Volume: 8.8 L x 8.8 W x 12.0 H inches

3D printers use colored filament to deposit plastic filament (PLA) one layer at a time in a process called fused deposition modeling. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept filament provided by patrons at this time. The following filament colors are available for 3D printing:

Warm Gray


The cost for 3D printing is based on the cost of filament, time, labor, utilities and maintenance. The cost per object is $0.25 per gram, with a minimum cost of $1.00 for each 3D print. All print requests will receive a free cost estimate prior to printing.  If you'd like an estimate without submitting a request, email your digital file to Technology Support Services.