High School Visits Policy

J. Murrey Atkins Library assists local high school groups by offering student research visits. During these visits, instruction librarians will help students as they conduct research for their assignments and use the library’s resources. In order to best accommodate students, the library has the following policies regarding high school group visits.

  1. The library hosts high school group visits from mid-October through November (Fall semester) and April through May (Spring semester).
  2. We can only accommodate groups of up to 70 students per visit.
  3. Students must be accompanied by a teacher or chaperone. The library requires that there be at least one teacher or chaperone for every 30 students in your group.
  4. All requests for high school group visits must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the desired visit date.
  5. The library assists students in conducting research for course assignments and in utilizing the library’s resources. The library does not conduct, coordinate, or schedule other events such as campus tours.
  6. High school groups must make their own parking arrangements when visiting campus. For personal vehicles, The Cone Visitor Deck is located within walking distance of the library. The library cannot reimburse groups for parking costs. Groups arriving in buses will need to be dropped off on campus, and the bus parked off campus.

For other types of school tours and visits, please contact Abby Moore (amoor164@uncc.edu) or Judy Walker (jwalker@uncc.edu).