Atkins Makerspace

Atkins Makerspace

The Atkins Makerspace is a place for creation, discovery, and experimentation. Whether you see yourself as a maker or as someone who is just curious about what happens in the space, you are welcome to enter and try it out. Everyone will use the space differently. Some may work independently, and others with collaborative groups. Some may work with paper and glue and others with computer-aided design or circuitry. No matter the medium, all types of making are valued here.


The Atkins Makerspace is still under construction, but you can check out its progress on the second floor of the library to the left of the whiteboard wall. In the meantime, services such as 3D printing and large-format printing are still available.



Atkins Makerspace Workshop Series

Please email to register, as workshop space is limited,

Maker Mondays

Come join us for Maker Mondays, where you can let your crafty self shine. Maker Mondays require no technology experience, but vary according to craft skill level.

Tinker Tuesdays

Tinker Tuesdays include elements of electronics, whether it’s building something with a circuitry kit or incorporating lighting into physical designs.

3D Printing Introductions

In these workshops, you will learn how to construct your first design for 3D printing. This workshop is open to all levels of makers.


3D Printing Introduction: February 13, 10-11

Maker Monday: Vinyl Decals - February 26, 1-2

Ever wanted to design your own vinyl decal wall art? Here’s where you can!

3D Printing Introduction: March 13, 11-12

Tinker Tuesday: Makey Makey Music - March 13, 3:30-4:30

Using the Makey Makey circuitry kit, we’ll discover how different objects can create different sounds. Feel free to bring your own objects to test out.

Maker Monday: Hollow Book - March 26, 3-4

Make a hollow book to store your valuables! If you have a book you’d like to use, feel free to bring it, but we have everything you’ll need.

Tinker Tuesday: LED Wearables - April 10, 11-12

Design and create your own light-up wearable.

3D Printing Introduction: April 11, 3-4

Maker Monday: Paint & Tie a Storage Box - April 23, 2-3

Paint old LP record sleeves and form them into a storage box.


Upcoming Events

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