Presentation Practice Room Policy

Purpose: To provide currently registered UNC Charlotte students access to Atkins 124 and 125 (library classrooms equipped with “smart podiums”) for student presentation practice as related to their classroom or research related activities.

  • Presentation Practice Room reservations may be booked either in person or by telephone (704-687-0494) through the Atkins Library Information Desk; there is no self-booking.
  • Same-day booking only within published library hours as follows:
    • Weekdays: Available from 5pm through ½ hr. before closing.
    • Saturdays and Sundays: Available from ½ hr. after library opens through ½ hr. before closing.
  • Reservation periods from 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 ½ hours (with a ½ hr. buffer time before and after each booking).
  • No back-to-back booking is allowed.
  • Check-in and check-out at the Information Desk.
  • Room furnishings and equipment must be left in same condition as when checking-in.
  • Students should follow the smart podium “Basic Operating Instructions” posted in the Practice Rooms and especially pay attention to the smart podium begin/end instructions.
  • Students should not leave their room unattended during their reserved period.
  • Students should inform Information Desk Staff when they are finished and stay with Staff during the room check.
  • All library policies apply to students using Presentation Practice Rooms. For example, student behavior must always be appropriate to the library setting in accordance with the "Atkins Patron Conduct Policy".
  • Faculty wishing to use Presentation Practice Rooms for their classes are referred to the UNCC "Classroom Assignment Policy". The Atkins Library must abide by this policy, which means that faculty may not book Presentation Practice Rooms for their regularly scheduled classes.