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E-Textbooks at Atkins Library

Atkins Library is proud to provide to our students with a limited number of etextbooks and supplemental readings for the Springer 2015 semester. We are pleased to be able to make available over 100 ebooks available for the Spring semester. Please review the drop down list or browse the title list to see if a title assigned to your class is available. Please be sure to consult your professor about using the ebooks provided.

A companion to the horror film
ISBN: 9780470672600

Applied Logistic Regression
ISBN: 9780470582473

Banana Cultures
ISBN: 9780292712560

Beyond Preservation
ISBN: 9781439902295

Black feminist thought
ISBN: 9780415964722

Black Mecca
ISBN: 9780195314250

Boycotts, buses, and passes
ISBN: 9781558496781

ISBN: 9780815633112

Clean Coal Engineering Technology
ISBN: 9781856177108

Concise History of Modern India
ISBN: 9780521682251

Crime Reconstruction
ISBN: 9780123864604

Cult cinema : an introduction
ISBN: 9781405173735

Culture of Connectivity
ISBN: 9780199970780

Design of Observational Studies
ISBN: 9781441912138

Diagramming the Big Idea
ISBN: 9780415894098

Dien Cai Dau
ISBN: 9780819511645

Digital Control Engineering
ISBN: 9780123943910

Doing Business with Japan
ISBN: 9780824821272

Evidence-based Sports Medicine
ISBN: 9781405132985

Field Geophysics 4e
ISBN: 9780470749845

Flexible Bronchoscopy 3e
ISBN: 9781405175876

Football: The First Hundred Years
ISBN: 9780203023150

Healing Traditions
ISBN: 9780821418505

Homies and Hermanos
ISBN: 9780199753901

Horror, The Film Reader
ISBN: 9780203204849

Horror, the film reader
ISBN: 9780415235624

Human Bone Manual
ISBN: 9780120884674

Imprisoning communities
ISBN: 9780195387209

Introducting English Linguistics
ISBN: 9780521541220

Introduction to Machine Learning
ISBN: 9780262267052

Introduction to Optimum Design
ISBN: 9780123813756

Language across difference
ISBN: 9780521193375

Lost Children
ISBN: 9780674048249

Making Sport History
ISBN: 9780415533614

Mobilizing Bolivia's displaced
ISBN: 9780807872499

Mosquito Empires
ISBN: 9780521459105

ISBN: 9780387755762

Observing the User Experience
ISBN: 9780123848697

Public Health Policy and Ethics
ISBN: 9781402017629

Public Health Practice
ISBN: 9780199892761

Purity and Danger
ISBN: 9780415289955

Pushing for Midwives
ISBN: 9781439902202

Real Numbers and Real Analysis
ISBN: 9780387721767

Speaking lives, authoring text
ISBN: 9781438429649

Sport and Gender Identities
ISBN: 9780415259576

Stage Manager's Toolkit
ISBN: 9780415663199

Statistical Mechanics
ISBN: 9780123821881

Terms of Inclusion
ISBN: 9780807871713

The baptism of early Virginia
ISBN: 9781421407005

The Ethics of Total Confinement
ISBN: 9780195372212

The Lowell Experiment
ISBN: 9781558495470

The Scourge of Genocide
ISBN: 9780415690539

The will of a people
ISBN: 9780809330577

Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy
ISBN: 9780822350415

Virginity lost
ISBN: 9780814716533