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Concord Telephone Company Records

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Concord Telephone Company Records

Concord Telephone Company records

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J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, UNC Charlotte
Concord Telephone Company (Concord, N.C.).
Concord Telephone Company records
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10.0 Linear feet
Contains a wide range of corporate records of the Concord Telephone Company, from around 1900 to 1995. This includes such things as annual reports, contracts, correspondence, records about employee benefits, corporate stocks, advances in telephone technology, exchange stations, and much more. Most of these headings are divided into subseries. In addition to its corporate records, the CTC published telephone directories and a variety of magazines and newsletters, and a nearly complete series of these publications is contained in this collection. Progress, which was usually published quarterly, was the predominant company serial and contained news items about the CTC and its employees. In fact, Progress provides a wealth of information about CTC, its employees as well as the history of Concord; and is the single most revealing and informative source of information about the company. Progress reflected the strong sense of patriotism and religious devotion of its editor, as evidenced by the articles and cover illustrations of the magazine. As an outgrowth of its articles on local history, there is a large series in the collection that concerns Cabarrus County history, and is arranged alphabetically by subject heading. Lastly, there is a large collection of photographs, slides, transparencies and negatives concerning CTC activities and Concord history.

Preferred Citation note

Concord Telephone Company Records, 1900-1995. J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Biographical/Historical note

Daniel Branson Coltrane was born in North Carolina in December 25, 1842 to Kelly and Mary Gossett Coltrane near Ebenezer Methodist Church on the banks of Deep River. Daniel had several siblings. His father, Kelly moved the family to Guilford County in 1854. Kelly Coltrane died unexpectedly in 1859 when Daniel was only sixteen years old. When the Civil War broke out, Coltrane volunteered to serve with the “Trinity Guards,” and later the Fifth Carolina Cavalry. Coltrane was wounded twice during the war—once when his cartridge box exploded, and on another occasion, an exploding shell knocked him off his horse. After the war, Daniel’s elder brother, Wesley, persuaded him to visit Missouri with the hopes that he might live their permanently. Daniel eventually decided to return to North Carolina, where he learned the photographic and jewelry businesses. In November of 1866, he married Eleanor Jane Price Vanice of Arrow Rock. Daniel took his wife and business back to Missouri, where a son, Lester Durant Coltrane was born in 1869. It was L.D. Coltrane, who would be one of the founders of the Concord Telephone Company. D.B. Coltrane later tried to get into the banking business in Marshall, Missouri, but there was too much competition in the area; so he moved his family back to North Carolina, where he settled in Concord and established the Concord National Bank there. D.B. Coltrane soon became one of Concord’s leading and most influential citizens, and became involved with many commercial and industrial enterprises. He was also deeply involved with charitable, educational and religious causes. Daniel Branson Coltrane died on January 16, 1937, at the age of 94. Lester Durrett Coltrane was born in Missouri on April 18, 1869 to Daniel Branson and Eleanor Jane Price Vanice Coltrane. It was while he was still a child that his father (who was trying to establish himself in the banking business) determined that their fortunes would be better off in North Carolina. Daniel B. Coltrane moved the family to Concord, North Carolina in 1886, when Lester was seventeen years old. When he opened the Concord National Bank in 1888, he appointed himself as cashier and his son as book-keeper. Lester D. Coltrane initiated a meeting with his father and nineteen other Concord businessmen at the Concord National Bank on Saturday, July 31, 1897, for the purpose of forming a locally-owned telephone company. The businessmen heartily endorsed L.D. Coltrane’s idea, and voted to issue twenty-five shares of common stock at $50 a share, and elected officers (N.F. Yorke as President, W. C. Houston as Vice President and L.D. Coltrane as Secretary-Treasurer). As instructed by the board of directors, the secretary-treasurer immediately set out to sign on subscribers. The rates for business subscribers was $15 a year and $10 a year for residential customers. By early September of that year, the officers and board of directors signed Articles of Agreement, and Coltrane filed them with the Clerk of the Superior Court for Cabarrus County and the North Carolina Secretary of State. Even with his duties with the newly formed telephone company, L.D. Coltrane continued to work for the Concord National Bank. Coltrane maintained an active role with the CTC for many more years, either as the secretary-treasurer, or member of the board of directors. He died on January 30, 1948, having missed only one annual stock-holders’ meeting and one board meeting during that time. Lester Durrett Coltrane, Junior, was born in Concord, North Carolina, on October 8, 1893 to Lester Durant and Julia Gay Coltrane. He received his education from Concord public schools, Trinity College (now Duke University) and North Carolina State University; earning a degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University in 1914. He started his career with the Concord Telephone Company that same year, at the age of twenty one, and worked as a lineman’s helper, later as a lineman and also as a trouble-shooter. Over time, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, becoming a manager in 1931 and secretary-director in 1934. By 1948—the same year his father died—he had become secretary-treasurer and general manager. Coltrane purchased forty six acres in 1950, where he built his home as well as a park he named “Rosecrest.” He made this private park available to his employees for the annual company picnic, and also to other parties on other occasions. The CTC named him President in 1966, a position he retained until his death in 1985. From 1967 to 1985, he edited the company magazine (usually published quarterly) entitled Progress, in which he highlighted corporate activities and local history. Coltrane also manifested his values of religious devotion and patriotism in this publication. As an active member of the community, Coltrane served as the president of the North Carolina Independent Telephone Association, and on the board of directors of the First Charter National Bank, and the Board of the Cabarrus Savings & Loan. During World War II, he was active with the Cabarrus County Canteen and bond-selling efforts. He was a past-president of the Concord Rotary Club and Rescue Squad, the Cabarrus Boys Club and the L.I.F.E. Center, was a trustee of Pfieffer College, he earned the Silver Beaver award for his support of the Boy Scouts, and he was also a member of the Masons and the Shriners. Mr. Coltrane died in 1985 at the age of 92. Lester Durrett Coltrane III (also known as “Bub”) followed his father’s footsteps. Bub graduated from Davidson College in 1940, and went from there to the US Army as a commissioned officer in 1941. During World War II he served in General George Patton’s Third Army. He remained in the Army until 1946, by which time he had achieved the rank of major. In civilian life, he entered the banking business, working for Concord National Bank (later known as First Charter National Bank), eventually becoming its president and chairman of the board. He retired from his career as a banker in 1986, after his father died. It was then that the CTC Board of Directors elected Bud to the presidency of the company. He led the company during a time of technological transition. The process of technological change, begun in 1984, was a matter of switching from analog to digital technology at all of the CTC exchange stations. This process was largely complete by the end of 1986. The following year, Bub served as chairman of the board, and his son, Michael was elected president. L.D. Coltrane III was extensively involved in the Concord community—as a member of the Concord Rotary Club, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army, of the Concord Chamber of Commerce, and also of the Board of Trustees of the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital. He married Phyllis Crooks and had three children: Michael R. Coltrane, Gay C. Ausband and Daniel Branson Coltrane (Daniel died in 1988). Michael Coltrane, like his father, graduated from Davidson College, and afterwards, matriculated though the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. He served in the US Army’s Transportation Corps, and by the time of his discharge he held the rank of captain. Back in civilian life he began his career at North Carolina National Bank (later known as NationsBank and later as Bank of America) for ten years and then worked for First Charter National Bank and then First Charter Corporation of Concord. By the time he ended his tenure there he attained the position of Vice President. Michael left the financial services industry when the CTC Board of Directors elected him as president of CTC in 1987. Michael was one who recognized the necessity of keeping up with the latest technologies, and he kept the company focused on the latest advances. In addition, he also expanded the benefits package for CTC employees. It was Michael Coltrane who, along with other company officials, mapped out a plan for a “Reorganization and Share Exchange Agreement” of CTC. The Board of Directors approved this plan at a special board meeting on October 22, 1993. The new plan established CT Communications, Inc. as a holding company for two subsidiaries: the Concord Telephone Company, and the Concord Telephone Long Distance Company. In 1997 CT Communications added another subsidiary: CTC Exchange Services—formed for the purpose of offering customers a full range of telecommunication services on a single bill. Michael married Anne Collins, who was the President and owner of Efficient Systems, Inc.

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Biographical/Historical note

The Concord Telephone Company (CTC) of Concord, North Carolina organized in 1897 as the result of the initiative of Lester D. Coltrane, senior. The founders of this new company (consisting of the most prominent members of the Concord community) elected officers, issued common-stock, and ordered telephone equipment to start the enterprise. In its first year, the CTC had about eighty subscribers. Success and prosperity came steadily over the years; and as the number of subscribers grew, so did the number of employees as well as the value of the company’s stock. As technological advancements came along, the company took the initiative to buy and install new equipment. When corporate giant, American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) tried to buy out this local phone provider, the CTC resisted efforts at monopolization and remained independent. The first great test of endurance came during the Great Depression—a time when many telephone companies lost as much as a third of their customers. The CTC experienced a loss of only three per cent. Another major change to the industry came in the form of industry deregulation during the 1980s—a time when the Reagan Administration sought to minimize government regulation. New government policies gave customers more options (now they could buy their own phones instead of leasing them), and also required telephone companies to itemize their utility bills. One hundred years after its inception, the CTC had installed over 100,000 telephones. Over the years, the company diligently kept up with technological advancements, investing large amounts of capital in new equipment and computer hardware and software. Documentation in their corporate archives shows the progression from hand-crank telephones, to dial telephones, touch-tone and ultimately cell phone technology. CTC’s efforts to keep up with technology paid off in the dividends of its stock options. Even in the worst of economic times the CTC made a profit, and in the best of times, its investors prospered. The administration of CTC remained almost entirely in the hands of members of the Coltrane family. Lester Durrant Coltrane senior, was the one who instigated the organization of the company in 1897, later serving as the company’s first secretary/treasurer. His son, L.D. Coltrane, junior, began working for the CTC in 1914 as a lineman’s assistant and ultimately worked his way to the position of President and CEO. His descendants succeeded him after his death in December of 1985. Under Coltrane’s direction the CTC developed a reputation as favorable employer that offered competitive wages and benefits. Coltrane provided a variety of recreational activities for the employees’ enjoyment—especially the annual company picnic at Rosecrest. Employees’ longevity and company loyalty were also recognized and rewarded during the annual Service Award Dinners, each fall. L.D. Coltrane junior died at a time when the company was in the midst of a technological change-over from analog to digital services, and the Board of Directors elected his son, L.D. Coltrane III to preside over the company. “Bub” as he was affectionately known, completed this change by the end of 1986. A year later, the Board elected Bub’s son, Michael to serve as president. In 1992, Michael Coltrane and several top-level company officials formed a plan for the company’s future. The following year the shareholders voted to approve a “Re-organization and Share Exchange Agreement,” an action that established a new company—CT Communications—as a holding company for Concord Telephone Company and Concord Telephone Long Distance Company, as subsidiaries. In 2007 Windstream Corporation purchased CT Communications for $585 million. [Bibliography: Horton, Clarence E. A Century of Progress: The Concord Telephone Company, 1897-1997. Concord Telephone Company Records, 1900-1997 (mss 388), University of North Carolina at Charlotte Library.]

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Scope and Contents note

In addition to the records and papers of the Concord Telephone Company, this collection also contains a small quantity of records from the Albemarle Telephone Company. Collection 388 contains a wide range of corporate records of the Concord Telephone Company, from around 1900 to 1995. This includes such things as annual reports, contracts, correspondence, records about employee benefits, corporate stocks, advances in telephone technology, exchange stations, and much more. Most of these headings are divided into subseries. In addition to its corporate records, the CTC published telephone directories and a variety of magazines and newsletters, and a nearly complete series of these publications is contained in this collection. Progress, which was usually published quarterly, was the predominant company serial and contained news items about the CTC and its employees. In fact, Progress provides a wealth of information about CTC, its employees as well as the history of Concord; and is the single most revealing and informative source of information about the company. Progress reflected the strong sense of patriotism and religious devotion of its editor, as evidenced by the articles and cover illustrations of the magazine. As an outgrowth of its articles on local history, there is a large series in the collection that concerns Cabarrus County history, and is arranged alphabetically by subject heading. Lastly, there is a large collection of photographs, slides, transparencies and negatives concerning CTC activities and Concord history.

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Arrangement note

The Concord Telephone Company records are divided into four series, which in turn are subdivided into a number of subseries. These series are: I) Company records; II) Company Publications; III) Subject files; and Series IV) Photographs.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, UNC Charlotte Oct. 2007 - Jan. 2008

9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC, 28223

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use note

Some material may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the patron's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Acquired from Carrell Brooks of CT Communications, in 2007 and 2008.

Processing Information note

Processed by Robert A. McInnes

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Related Materials

Related Archival Materials note

A century of progress : the Concord Telephone Company, 1897-1997 (RARE HE8841.C6 H68 1997)

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Concord Telephone Company (Concord, N.C.).
  • CT Communications (Concord, N.C.).

Geographic Name(s)

  • Concord (N.C.)
  • North Carolina--Public utilities


  • Public utilities--North Carolina
  • Telephone companies--North Carolina--Concord

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Collection Inventory

 Series I  Albemarle Telephone Company 


Accounting records   five bound volumes

Box Folder

Accounting records ; Accounting ledgers 1918-1953   2 oversize volumes

2 1-2

Albemarle (City of), Ordinances 1931-1955 

2 3

Charter Amendments 1920-1955 

2 4

Carolina Aluminum Company 1939-1955 

2 5

Contracts and Agreements 1937-1956 

2 6

Insurance 1949-1951 

2 7

Merger with CTC 1955 

2 8

Minutes of Stockholders’ Meetings 1917-1955 

2 9-11


2 12

Morrow Brothers & Heath 1934-1947 

2 13

Notice to Increase Rates 1950-1953 

2 14

Stanley County Commission 1940 

2 15

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 Series II  Concord Telephone Company 

 Subseries A :  Corporate Records; Accounting ledgers 1918-1953   18 volumes

Box Folder

American Automatic Electric Sales Co. 1933-1953 

3 1

Annual Reports 1947-1995 

3 2-6

Articles of Incorporation 1897-1953 

3 7

Billing cards 

3 8

Bills of Sale 1918-1960 

3 9

Canceled notes 1951-1955 

3 10

Certificate of Appreciation from the 106th Transportation Battalion 

3 11

Contracts, leases and agreements 1909-1940 

3 12

Agreements 1909-1971 

3 13

Contracts 1939-1955 

3 14

Contracts for telephone service 1916-1937 

3 15

Indentures 1941-1958 

3 16

Lease Agreements 1950-1954 

3 17

Correspondence 1911-2004 


Board of Directors meetings 1958-1975 

3 24

Complaints 1955-1956 

3 25

Letters of Appreciation 1969-1986 

3 26

Progress 1970-1986 

3 27

Directors’ and Stockholders’ Minutes of Meetings 1892-1964 

3 28-33

Directors’ and Stockholders’ Minutes of Meetings 1965-1988 

4 1-5

Employee benefits 1958-1965 

4 6

Employee health and safety : First Aid 

4 7

Employee health and safety : Flu shots 

4 8

Employee health and safety : Good Samaritan acts 

4 9

Employee health and safety : Red Cross blood program 

4 10

Employee health and safety : Safety 

4 11

Employees : Directors 

4 12

Employees : New employees 

4 13

Employees : Part-time employees 


Employees : Promotions 

4 15

Employees : Transfers 

4 16

Employees : Retirements 

4 17

Employees : Memorials 

4 18

Engineering Department 1960-1985 

4 19

Exchange dedications, cut-overs and cross-overs 1952-1956 

4 20

Exchanges : Albemarle 1964 

4 21

Exchanges : China Grove-Landis 1956-1975 

4 22

Exchanges : Harrisburg 1969-1986 

4 23

Exhibits at the Cabarrus & Stanly county fairs 1967-1983 

4 24

Federal Communications Commission 

4 25

First Mortgage Bonds 

4 26

General Organization of the CTC 1959 

4 27

Going Value 

4 28

Groundbreaking ceremony for new Telephone building 1956 

4 29

History of the Concord Telephone Company 

4 30-31

History of the Telephone industry 

4 32-33

Holding company name 1993 

4 34

Hurricane Hugo, Damage resulting from 1989 

4 35


4 36


4 37

North Carolina Independent Telephone Association 1968-1984 

4 38

North Carolina Public Utilities Commission 1939-1986 

4 39-41

North Carolina Highway and Public Works Commission 

4 42

North Carolina Telephone Company 

4 43

Operator Appreciation Week 

4 44


4 45

Picnic invitations 1958-1969 

4 46

President/CEO – L.D. Coltrane 

4 47


4 48

Memorials 1985-1986 

4 49

Report of Apprais 1934 

5 1

Rosecrest 1969-1986 

5 2

Service area 1958-1990   maps

5 3

Service Award Dinners 1959-1987 

5 4

Statements of Income 1959-1979 

5 5

Stock : Certificates 

5 6-7

Stock : Correspondence 1961-1972 

5 8

Stock : Correspondence 1973-1979 

6 1-2

Stock : Information 1970-1983 

6 3

Stock : Prospecti 1970-1980 

6 4

Telephone Service Rates 1953-1988 

6 5

Telephony and technology : A-E Co. Trunk Circuit diagram 1934 

6 6

Telephony and technology : Automatic Electric 1958-1967 

6 7

Telephony and technology : Custom Calling Service Dialing Instructions 

6 8

Telephony and technology : Direct Distance Dialing 1961-1968 

6 9

Telephony and technology : GTD No. 5 EAX 

6 10

Telephony and technology : International Direct Distance Dialing 1975 

6 11

Telephony and technology : Journey of the Service Order 1974 

6 12

Telephony and technology : No. 1 EAX 1974-1975 

6 13

Telephony and technology : Station Development Report 1969-1975 

6 14

Telephony and technology : Telephone Couplers 1976 

6 15

Telephony and technology : Telephones old & new 

6 16

Telephony and technology : Touch-tone dialing 1976-1977 

6 17

Traffic Department 1967-1984 

6 18

US District Court. Subpoena 1960 June 14 

6 19

Winston-Salem Southbound Railway 1940-1956 

6 20

 Subseries B  Company Publications 

Box Folder

Magazine-Progress 1967 

Scope and Contents note

March, May, July-December

7 1

Magazine-Progress 1968 

Scope and Contents note

February, Easter, May-June, August, October, Thanksgiving, Christmas

7 1

Magazine-Progress 1969 

Scope and Contents note

January, March, Easter, “Our Picnic” (cover only), Fall, Christmas

7 1

Magazine-Progress 1970 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, June, Fall, December

7 2

Magazine-Progress 1971 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, Summer, Fall, Christmas

7 3

Magazine-Progress 1972 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, July

7 4

Magazine-Progress 1973   

Scope and Contents note

Spring, June, Christmas

7 4

Magazine-Progress 1974 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, June, Fall, December

7 5

Magazine-Progress 1975   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, July, September, Christmas

7 6

Magazine-Progress 1976   

Scope and Contents note

April, July 4, Fall, Winter

7 7

Magazine-Progress 1977   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, July, Winter

7 8

Magazine-Progress 1978 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, July, Winter

7 9

Magazine-Progress 1979 

Scope and Contents note

Easter, Picnic issue, September, Winter

7 10

Magazine-Progress 1980   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, Picnic issue, Fall issue, Winter

7 11

Magazine-Progress 1981 

Scope and Contents note

Spring, Picnic issue, Fall issue, Winter

8 1

Magazine-Progress 1982   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, Picnic issue, Fall, December

8 2

Magazine-Progress 1983   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, July 4, September, December

8 3

Magazine-Progress 1984   

Scope and Contents note

June, September, December

8 4

Magazine-Progress 1985   

Scope and Contents note

Easter, June, September, December

8 5

Newsletters-Employees Telephony 1957 

8 6

Newsletters-Tel-talker News 1965-1980 

8 7

Newsletters-Telco News 1980-1982 

8 8

Newsletters-The Inside Line 1989-1997 

8 9-10

 Subseries C Telephone Directories 

Scope and Contents note

This subseries contains directories for the Albemarle, Badin, China Grove, Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Landis, Mt. Pleasant, New London, and Oakboro areas. Those issues marked with “ca.” or "circa" are missing their covers and have no visible publication date

Box Folder

Telephone directory Circa 1900, 1901 

9 1

Telephone directory 1914 

9 2

Telephone directory 1916 

9 3

Telephone directory 1917 

9 4

Telephone directory 1918 

9 5

Telephone directory Circa 1920 

9 6

Telephone directory 1920 

9 7

Telephone directory 1921 

9 8

Telephone directory 1922 

9 9

Telephone directory 1923 

9 10

Telephone directory 1924 

9 11

Telephone directory 1925 

9 12

Telephone directory 1926 

9 13

Telephone directory 1927 

9 14

Telephone directory 1928 

9 15

Telephone directory 1928-1929 

9 16

Telephone directory 1929 

9 17

Telephone directory 1929-1930 

9 18

Telephone directory 1931 

9 19

Telephone directory 1932 

9 20

Telephone directory Circa 1933 

9 21

Telephone directory 1933 

9 22

Telephone directory 1934 

9 23

Telephone directory 1935 

9 24

Telephone directory 1936 

9 25

Telephone directory 1937 

9 26

Telephone directory Circa 1938 

9 27

Telephone directory 1938 

9 28

Telephone directory 1939 

9 29

Telephone directory 1940 

9 30

Telephone directory 1941 

9 31

Telephone directory 1942 

9 32

Telephone directory 1943 

9 33

Telephone directory Circa 1944 

9 34

Telephone directory 1944 

9 35

Telephone directory 1945 

10 1

Telephone directory 1946 

10 2-4

Telephone directory 1947 

10 5-7

Telephone directory 1948 

10 8-10

Telephone directory 1949 

10 11

Telephone directory 1950 

10 12

Telephone directory 1950-1951 

10 13

Telephone directory 1951 

10 14

Telephone directory 1952 

10 15-16

Telephone directory 1953 

10 17

Telephone directory 1954 

10 18

Telephone directory 1955 

10 19-20

Telephone directory 1956 

10 21-22

Telephone directory 1957 

11 1

Telephone directory 1958-1981 

Scope and Contents note

These directories are not in folders


Telephone directory 1982-1991 

Scope and Contents note

These directories are not in folders


Telephone directory 1992 


Telephone directory 1995 




Framed proclamation 

Scope and Contents note

Proclamation from Mayor, City of Concord, declaring 1997 September 15 as Concord Telephone Company Day, marking 100th anniversary of Concord Telephone Company.

Framed certificate of appreciation 1996 July 12 

Scope and Contents note

Presented to Mr. L. D. Coltrane by the American Belarussian Relief Organization

Personal mug 

Scope and Contents note

White porcelain mug, trimmed in goldleaf, black letters, "L. D. Coltrane, Jr." and blue/black logo for the Independent Concord Telephone Company.

Crystal obelisk-shaped table-top award 

Scope and Contents note

Housed in black presentation case, award "In sincere appreciation to CTC Communications, November 11, 2006" presented by Kannapolis, on 100 year celebration.

Calculagraph, model no. 33 

Scope and Contents note

Device (20 v., 60 cy. electric version) which mechanically calculated and printed the elapsed time between two events. Until the advent of the digital era, the calculagraph was the standard way to clock the duration of toll telephone calls. The unit consisted of a clock and a precision gear-based set of three printing wheels, which printed on standardized accounting tickets. One of the wheels presented a clock face, and indicated the time at which a measured interval commenced. It was printed by pushing forward on the right handle. Pulling back on that same handle printed a pair of hollow dial faces with quantities printed around the outside. The ticket was then removed and set aside until the completion event occurs. The ticket was then re-inserted into the Calculagraph, and the left handle was pulled back. This printed a pair of arrow indicators in the center of each previously printed dial, pointing at the elapsed time since the original event. The center of each arrow contained a legend.

Long black wallet with CT Communications logo, new 

Desktop notepad, new, in black leather case, with CT Communications logo 

CTC tie tack 

Concord Telephone 100 years 1897-1997 lapel pin 

Die cast NASCAR model (1:64) collectible 

Scope and Contents note

CT Communications was a sponsor of the Coca Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway, 2007.

Black CT Communications zippered portfolio, new 

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 Series III  Subject files 

Box Folder

Boy Scouts 

14 1

Cabarrus County Court House 

14 2

Cabarrus County history 

14 3-5

Cabarrus County history--German immigrants 

14 6

Cabarrus County schools 

14 7

China Grove-Landis history 

14 8


14 9

Concord history 

14 10

Farmer's and Planter's Almanac 1897 

14 11

Folk remedies 

14 12

Gold in Cabarrus County (Reed Gold Mine) 

14 13

Goodman, Addie--Estate of 

14 14

Jackson Training School 

14 15

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence 

14 16

Moore, William 

14 17

Mount Pleasant history 

14 18

Religious material 

14 19

Rock Hill Telephone Company. Cross-Talk 1969-1986 

14 20-22

Stanly County history 

14 23-24

The Times (Concord newspaper) 1887 

14 25

United States history 

14 26


14 27

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 Series IV  Photographs—Prints 

Box Folder item

Concord Telephone Company : Accounting Department 

P33 1 P338/1-9

Concord Telephone Company : Business of the Month 

P33 2 P388/10

Concord Telephone Company : Cakes 

P33 3 P338/11-14

Concord Telephone Company : Centennial Celebration 1897-1997 

P33 4 P338/15-44

Concord Telephone Company : Christmas trees 

P33 5 P338/45-53

Exchange Stations : Albemarle 

P33 6 P388/54-55

Exchange Stations : Albemarle (explosion) 1964 January 1 

P33 7 P388/56-99

Exchange Stations : China Grove 

P33 8 P388/100-101

Exchange Stations : Concord 

P33 8 P388/102-103

Exchange Stations : Concord-Copperfield Building 

P33 8 P388/104-111

Exchange Stations : Harrisburg 

P33 8 P388/112-114

Exchange Stations : Kannapolis 

P33 8 P388/115-130

Exchange Stations : Mount Pleasant 

P33 8 P388/131-135

Exchange Stations : others 

P33 8 P388/160-149

Exhibits at the Cabarrus & Stanly county fairs 

P33 9 P388/150-183

"Hello Girls of the 1900s" 

P35 25 P388/874-877


P33 10 P388/184a & b

Maxcom 1998 

P33 11 P388/185-199

North Carolina Independent Telephone Association 

P33 12 P388/200-207


P33 13 P388/208-229

Operators (see also the "Hello Girls of the 1900s') 

P33 14 P388/230-240

President/CEO L.D. Coltrane 

P33 15 P388/241-257


P33 16 P388/258-284

Service Award Dinners 1960-1987 

P34 1-2 P388/285-384

Telephony and Technology : Cut-over equipment in Concord 

P34 3 P388/385-387

Telephony and Technology : Direct Distant Dialing 

P34 4 P388/388-397

Telephony and Technology : Elimination of 10 Party Line Service 1969 

P34 5 P388/398-401

Telephony and Technology : GTD – 5 EAX Albemarle 

P34 6 P388/402-422

Telephony and Technology : Journey of the Service Order 

P34 7 P388/423-431

Telephony and Technology : No.1 EAX 

P34 8 P388/432-455

Telephony and Technology : Subscriber Loop Carriers 

P34 9 P388/456-486

Telephony and Technology : Switchboards 

P34 10 P388/487-500

Telephony and Technology : ‘T’ Carrier 

P34 11 P388/501-503

Telephony and Technology : Telephone booths 

P34 12 P388/504-506

Telephony and Technology : Telephone lines and poles 

P34 13 P388/507-515

Telephony and Technology : Telephones old & new 

P34 14 P388/516-548

Telephony and Technology : Test desk 

P34 15 P388/549-550

Telephony and Technology : Touch-tone dialing 

P34 16 P388/551-552

Telephony and Technology : Towers 

P34 17 P388/553-559

Telephony and Technology : Vehicles 

P34 18 P388/560-582

Work Center/Central Supply 

P34 19 P388/583-589

50,000th telephone installed 

P34 20 P388/590-599

Subject photos 

Box Folder item

Subject photos : Airplane – Ford Tri-motor 

P35 1 P388/600

Subject photos : Cabarrus County - Courthouse 

P35 2 P388/601-616

Subject photos : Cabarrus County - Library 

P35 3 P388/617-619

Subject photos : Cabarrus County - Map 

P35 4 P388/620

Subject photos : Cabarrus Memorial Hospital 

P35 5 P388/621-634

Subject photos : Cemeteries 

P35 6 P388/623-634

Subject photos : Churches 

P35 7 P388/635-664

Subject photos : Concord - Female Academy 1889 

P35 8 P388/665

Subject photos : Concord - residences 

P35 9 P388/666-672

Subject photos : Concord - schools 

P35 10 P388/673-681

Subject photos : Concord - skyline 

P35 11 P388/682-686

Subject photos : Concord - street map 1882 

P35 12 P388/687

Subject photos : Concord - street scenes 

P35 13 P388/688-746

Subject photos : Concord - Efird Department Store fire 1978 

P35 14 P388/747-755

Subject photos : Concord - Fair 1923 

P35 15 P388/756-765

Subject photos : Concord - Fair 1979 

P35 16 P388/766-773

Subject photos : McCurdy House restoration 1969 

P35 17 P388/774-784

Subject photos : Mills 

P35 18 P388/785-795

Subject photos : Mills—China Grove Roller Mill 

P35 19 P388/799-812

Subject photos : North Carolina College, Mount Pleasant 1865 

P35 20 P388/813

Subject photos : North Carolina Reserve Militia, 11th Co. 1919 

P35 21 P388/814

Subject photos : Reed Gold Mine 

P35 22 P388/815-867

Subject photos : Smith, Roger Niles 

P35 23 P388/868-871

Subject photos : Unidentified photo of horse & carriage 

P35 24 P388/872

Subject photos : Coltrane, L.D., Jr. 

P35 24 P338/873
Box Folder item

Cover illustrations : Unidentified park (probably Rosecrest) 

P35 1-23 PL388/1

Cover illustrations : Unidentified outdoor scene (probably the Blue Ridge Mountains) 

P35 1-23 PL388/2

Cover illustrations : “Pictorial History of Cabarrus County…” 1935 

P35 1-23 PL388/3

Cover illustrations : Cannon at a library/community center 1977 July 

P35 1-23 PL388/4

Cover illustrations : Rosecrest cross at evening 

P35 1-23 PL388/5

Cover illustrations : “Reminiscent of Days Gone By” 

P35 1-23 PL388/6a-b

Cover illustrations : Charles A. Cannon Memorial Library 

P35 1-23 PL388/7a-b

Cover illustrations : Unidentified Office Building 

P35 1-23 PL388/8a-b

Cover illustrations : Board of Directors 1995 April 27 

P35 1-23 PL388/9

Cover illustrations : Board of Directors 2005 

P35 1-23 PL388/10-11

Cover illustrations : Painting of the CTC building 

P35 1-23 PL388/12



Bost, Jr., E.T. 

NSH 388/1

Coleman, Warren 

NSH 388/2

Coltrane, Daniel Branson 

NSH 388/3

Correll, Charles 

NSH 388/4-5

Morgan, D.R. 

NSH 388/6

Schramm, Ted 

NSH 388/7

Suther, Mildred 

NSH 388/8

Construction Personnel 

NSH 388/9-13


NSH 388/14

Line crews 

NSH 388/15-27

No. 1 EAX Training 

NSH 388/28


NSH 388/29-31


NSH 388/32

Concord trolley carat Concord Square 1889 

NSH 388/33

Building fire (otherwise unidentified) 

NSH 388/34

Cabarrus County Court House 1888 

NSHL 388/1

L.D. Coltrane 

NST 388/1-3

Cut-over equipment 

NST 388/4-28


NST 388/26-49

Equipment Installation 

NST 388/50-93

Harrisburg Exchange Building 

NST 388/94-108

Line Crews 

NST 388/109-121


NST 388/122-139

Trendline phone 

NST 388/140-146

50,000th Telephone installed 

NST 388/147-176


NST 388/177-188


Box Folder item

Switchboard operators 

P35 1-23 PS 388/1-13

No. 1 EAX 

P35 1-23 PS 388/14-27

Exchange Buildings 

P35 1-23 PS 388/28-34


P35 1-23 PS 388/35-44

Portraits of L.D. Coltrane 

P35 1-23 PS 388/45-48

L.D. Coltrane’s garden 

P35 1-23 PS 388/49-51


P35 1-23 PS 388/52-70

Morrow Mountain, Directory 1968 

P35 1-23 PS 388/71-79

Military decorations 

P35 1-23 PS 388/80



County Fair Exhibit 

PT 388/1

Albemarle Exchange Building 

PT 388/2-5

China Grove 

PT 388/6

Concord Exchange Building 

PT 388/7-12

Concord Copperfield Building 

PT 388/13-17

Kannapolis Exchange Building 

PT 388/18-20

CTC Wireless 

PT 388/21

Motor Fleet 

PT 388/22


PT 388/23-25

CT Communications Senior Management 

PT 388/26

Telephone Construction Crew, Highway 73 Cable Project 

PT 388/27-52

Telephone Switching Equipment 

PT 388/53

Telephones old & new 

PT 388/54-60

Blue Ridge Mountains 1976 

PT 388/61

Cabarrus County Court House 

PT 388/62-64

Cabarrus County Court House (china) 

PT 388/65-67

Cabarrus Memorial Hospital 

PT 388/68

Centennial embroidery 

PT 388/69

Concord Square (map) 

PT 388/70

Declaration of Independence 

PT 388/71

Easter 1970 

PT 388/72-75

Easter alter 1969 

PT 388/76

Log Cabin 

PT 388/77

Ludwig House 

PT 388/78-81

Madonna & child 

PT 388/82

McCurdy House 

PT 388/83-85

Red School House, by Margaret Holt 

PT 388/86

St. John’s Lutheran Church 

PT 388/87

Stream at Reed Gold Mine 


Thanksgiving, 1968, with Ellen Helms 1968 


Water falls 

PT 388/91

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