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Charlotte Chapter of the National Organization of Women Records

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Charlotte NOW Records

Charlotte chapter of the National Organization of Women records

Summary Information

J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, UNC Charlotte
National Organization for Women. Charlotte Chapter. (N.C.)
Charlotte NOW records
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Records of the Charlotte and Metrolina chapters of the National Organization for Women, and date from 1972 to 2009. The collection contains files that were produced as a result of the chapters' organizational functions, and also concern issues of interest to the chapter; key among them was the Equal Rights Amendment, and abortion rights.

Preferred Citation note

Charlotte NOW records. J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Biographical/Historical note

The NOW is a national organization, which is subdivided into regional districts. The regional districts are divided into states, and the state organizations are comprised of local chapters. In 1977, a second NOW chapter, the Metrolina chapter of NOW, was organized. It merged with the Charlotte chapter in 1980.The Charlotte Chapter of the NOW was organized on July 5, 1972, under the direction of Judy Lightfoot, the regional director of the NOW. At the first meeting, Karen Edwards was elected the president of this chapter and she remained its president for most of its history. Jacqueline "Jackie" Frost, a long-time CNOW member was also the Director of the NOW Southern Region. Frost served NOW since the formation of the Charlotte chapter in 1972. Until 1982, the primary goal of the Charlotte Chapter of the NOW (CNOW) was to promote the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, prison-reform for women inmates, pay equity, workplace discrimination and domestic violence. In early 1980 the CNOW governing board voted to suspend its activities. It reorganized in July 1982 with forty-three charter members. Most of its early activities were fund-raising events. By 1982 Marjorie Storch had become president of this chapter. She was succeeded by Sue Royer in 1984. In 1984, the CNOW lobbied actively for the election of Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferrero. Two years later, CNOW participated in the March of Women's Lives in Washington, DC. The group from Charlotte was the largest to participate in this event. Over the years the CNOW has remained active in its pursuits for social change, especially with reproductive rights and access to safe abortions.

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Scope and Contents note

The collection concerns the Charlotte Chapter of the National Organization of Women, and date from its founding in 1972 to 2009. Records in the collection and their arrangement reflect the hierarchical arrangement of the organization at the national, regional, state and local levels. The folder titles of the subject files reveal the issues that this organization was concerned with, these being the Equal Rights Amendment, pay equity, reproductive rights, domestic violence and the like.

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Arrangement note

The arrangement of this papers of this collection reflects the hierarchical arrangement of the organization, beginning with the national organization, the regional, state and local organizations.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections, UNC Charlotte October 2011

9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC, 28223

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use note

Some material may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the patron's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Donated by the Charlotte Chapter of the National Organization of Women, 2010. Cynthia G. Thomson was the agent acting on behalf of the Charlotte chapter of NOW.

Processing Information note

Processed by Robert A. McInnes.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • League of Women Voters of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. (Mecklenburg County, N.C.)
  • Mecklenburg County (N.C.). Women's Commission.
  • National Organization for Women. Charlotte Chapter. (N.C.) -- Collectibles
  • National Organization for Women. Charlotte Chapter. (N.C.) -- Photographs
  • National Organization for Women. Charlotte Chapter. (N.C.) -- Records and correspondence
  • National Organization for Women. -- Photographs
  • National Organization for Women. -- Records and correspondence
  • Promise Keepers. (Organization)

Personal Name(s)

  • Frost, Jackie (Jacqueline)


  • Equal rights amendments--United States
  • Family violence--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County
  • Feminism--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County
  • Lesbian feminism--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County
  • Pro-choice movement--North Carolina-Mecklenburg County
  • Rape--North Carolina-Mecklenburg County
  • Women's rights--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County
  • Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--North Carolina--Mecklenburg County
  • Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States

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Collection Inventory


National Organization for Women 1971 

Scope and Contents note

National Conference

Box Folder

Newsletters - "Do It NOW" 1976-1977 

1 2

Southeastern Region of the NOW 1976-2008 


North Carolina NOW 1980-1999 


Charlotte Chapter of the NOW 

Box Folder

Annual reports 1983-2008 

1 5

Board Meetings -- Agendas, and Minutes 1972-1983 

1 6

Bylaws, Operating Rules 1972-2009 

1 7

Chapter Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, etc. 1972-2009 

1 8

Charter 1972 

1 9

Correspondence 1973-2008 

1 10

Financial records 1999-2004 

1 11

Membership 1973, undated 

1 12


1 13-14

Miscellaneous - newspaper clippings 1972-2009, undated 


Newsletters 1972-2006 

1 16-19

News Releases 1977-2008 

1 20

Officers 1984-1986 

1 21

Political Action Committee 1980-1994 

1 22

Public Service Announcements circa 1983-1990 

1 23

Updates circa 1995 

1 24

Subject files 

Box Folder

Abortion 1973-2008 

1 25-26

Abstinence Education Block Grant 1997 

1 27

Anniversary celebrations 

Box Folder

20th (National NOW) 1987 

1 28

30th (Charlotte chapter) 2002 

1 29
Box Folder

Anthony, Susan B.   

Scope and Contents note

Contains sheet music for the Susan B. Anthony song.

1 30

Arts Funding 1997 

1 31

Bass Fishing 1989-1991 

1 32

Charlotte (City of Charlotte) - Proclamations 1978-2001 

1 33

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 1973-1994 

1 34

Charlotte Women's Political Caucus 1998-2000 

1 35

Civil Rights Restoration Act 1985-1986 

1 36

Domestic Violence 1984-2002 

1 37

Education 1973-1985 

1 38

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 1986 

1 39

Equal Rights Amendment 1972-1982 

Scope and Contents note

The deadline for ratification of the ERA was on July 1, 1982

Box Folder

Articles 1972-1983 

2 3

Brochures circa 1972-1982 

2 4

Countdown Campaign 1981-1982 

2 5

Deadline extension 1978 

2 6

ERA United 1974-1982 

2 7

Opposition 1973-1982 

2 8

Position papers 1970-1983 

2 9

Religion 1973, undated 

2 10

Scrapbook 1972-1983 

    Box Folder
Mixed materials   2 11
Mixed materials   3

Box Folder

Post-deadline 1982-1983 

2 12

Federal Communications Commission 1972 

2 13

Femininity 1983 

2 14

History of the NOW 1972-1983 

2 15

Infertility 1994, undated 

2 16

Insurance Discrimination 1983, 1998 

2 17

League of Women Voters 1999-2004 

2 18

Lesbianism 1975-2008 

2 19

Levine Museum - "Purses, Platforms, and Power" exhibit 2005 

2 20

Little League Baseball 1973-1974 

2 21

Marriage and name-change 1974, 1998 

2 22

Mecklenburg County Commission on the Status of Women 1975-1998 

2 23

Men 1973, 2000 

2 24

North Carolina Political District Maps 1975-1981 

2 25

Pay Equity 1983-1985 

2 26

Promise Keepers 1997-1998 

2 27

Racism 1973 

2 28

Rape 1994 

2 29

Thomas, Clarence 1991 

2 30

Thomas, Kim 1990-2003   

Scope and Contents note

Kim Thomas was killed on Friday, July 27, 1990

Box Folder

Correspondence about Kim Thomas 1990-2003 

2 31

Memorial fund 1990-2001 

2 32

Memorials and Tributes 1990-2000 

2 33

NBC Dateline 1998 

2 34

Newspaper clippings 1991-2000 

2 35

Thompson, Cindy 2004 April 15 

Scope and Contents note

Interview. See also the section containing the Cindy Thomson interview in the Discs section of this collection

2 36

Women's Equality Day 1982-2009 

2 37
Box Folder

Metrolina Chapter of the NOW 1977-1980 

Scope and Contents note

This file contains a variety of materials, including the chapter charter, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings and more. This chapter merged with the Charlotte chapter in 1980.

2 38

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Photographs - Prints 

Box Folder item

Three women, including Betty Friedan (in the middle) 1978 May 

P47 1 P436/1

Photo of the sign for Lawings Real Estate, Insurance and Auction business 1984 April 22 

Scope and Contents note

Craig Lawing supported Jimmy Green--an anti-choice and anti-ERA politician.

P47 1 P436/2

Photo of the front of the Lawing office 1984 April 22 

P47 1 P436/3

CNOW members picketing in front of the Republican Party Headquarters 1984 January 23 

P47 1 P436/4-5

National March for Women's Lives 1986 March 9 

P47 1 P436/6-14

Daisy Price at NC NOW event 1986 September 

P47 1 P436/15

Sheri O'Dell NOW VP speaking at the NC NOW luncheon 1986 September 

P47 1 P436/16

Deborah McKeithan, founder and president of Handicapped Organized Women, speaking at the NC NOW state conference 1986 September 

P47 1 P436/17

Charlotte NOW history display 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/18

April Hughes (Cathy Chapman Hughes's daughter) 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/19

Margie Storch and Cathy Chapman Hughes 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/20

Margie, Jeannette, Donna 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/21

Unidentified group 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/22

Photo of a female mannequin, posing like the Statue of Liberty, carried a sign reading "My body, my choice." 1989 

Conditions Governing Use note

This photo has been copyrighted by Michelle Handler, and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.

P47 1 P436/23

NOW 20th anniversary celebration, celebrated by the CNOW Chapter. 1987 February 12 

P47 1 P436/24-43

Kim Thomas Memorial Garden, at the Charlotte Battered Women's Shelter circa 1995 

P47 1 P436/44-46

Photos of T-shirts commemorating women who have been battered or murdered, including Kim Thomas. 

P47 1 P436/47-55

CNOW 30th anniversary event 2002 September 20 

P47 1 P436/56-81

Photos of CNOW members picketing near Walmart circa 2002 

P47 1 P436/82-88

March for Women's Lives 2004 April 25 

P47 1 P436/89-95

Photographs - Photo Album 1973-2001 

Box Folder item

"Speaker on the Square." CNOW members picketing in uptown Charlotte. Photos include Cindy Thompson, Karen Edwards, Fred Alexander, Becky Patterson, Lou Fouler, and Kandee Harris. circa 1973 

P47 2 P436/96-101

Unidentified CNOW members 1975 

P47 2 P436/102-103

Charlotte NOW Christmas Party 1976 

P47 2 P436/104-110

Jackie Frost appearing on "Good Morning Carolina" 1978 August 26 

P47 2 P436/111

National NOW's 20th Anniversary, celebrated at Queen's University 1987 February 12 

P47 2 P436/112-118

March for the ERA in Raleigh, NC 1982 

P47 2 P436/119-125

Photo of Ruth Easterling, Eleanor Smeal, and Jackie Frost circa 1982 

P47 2 P436/126

Sharon Walker circa 1982 

P47 2 P436/127

Denise Garner circa 1982 

P47 2 P436/128

Photo of an unidentified woman circa 1982 

P47 2 P436/129

Photo of Jacqueline Frost, Marjorie Storch, Susan Green, and Cathy Chapman Hughes. 

P47 2 P436/130

Women's Commission Historical Quilt. 

P47 2 P436/131

Dustin Dale, Jodie Dale, with honorees: Jackie Frost, Marjorie Storch, Susam Green, and Cathy Chapman Hughes circa 1985 

P47 2 P436/132

Nancy McLendon, Joe Zady, Lenore Jones-Deutsch circa 1985 

P47 2 P436/133

Group photo, including Denise Garner, and Joan Tillotson circa 1985 

P47 2 P436/134

Group photo, including Lenore Jones-Deutsch, Amy Absher, and Margie Storch. circa 1985 

P47 2 P436/135

Charlotte NOW Retreat - Troutman, NC 1988 

P47 2 P436/136-149

National NOW Conference, New Orleans 1985 

P47 2 P436/150

NOW protests Reagan policies - Republican HQ 1984 

P47 2 P436/151-155

Unidentified CNOW Event 

P47 2 P436/156-173

CNOW members picketing at the Adams-Mark Hotel, for Pro-Choice reproductive rights. 2001 June 28 

P47 2 P436/174-183

Nancy Levin, at Washington, DC, carrying a sign that says "Charlotte NOW for Choice" 1983 

P47 2 P436/184

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Book titles 

Scope and Contents note

Photocopy of covers.


Our Bodies, Our Selves 

Scope and Contents note

This is a very rare, seventh printing of the first edition.

Secretarial Procedures and Administration 

A Charlotte Child: a guide for the pregnant woman 

Scope and Contents note

Written by Kim Thomas, a CNOW member who was murdered in 1990.

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Scope and Contents note

The silk-screened image on this T-shirt is that of an elderly woman displaying an obscene gesture.


Scope and Contents note

The silk screened image on this bag is that of the NOW logo.

ERA bumper-stickers 

ERA Placards 

ERA YES button 


Compact Discs 

CDs & DVDs
Box Disk

Cindy Thomson interview 2004 April 1   

Scope and Contents note

conducted by Misty R. Penry at UNC Charlotte, Atkins Library.

CDs & DVDs CD436/6

NOW Conference, afternoon session 2002 September 28 

Scope and Contents note

(Disc 3 of 3)

CDs & DVDs CD436/5

NOW Conference, morning session 2002 September 28 

Scope and Contents note

(Disc 1 of 3)

CDs & DVDs CD436/3

NOW Conference, morning/afternoon 2002 September 28 

Scope and Contents note

(Disc 2 of 3)

CDs & DVDs CD436/4

Roe v. Wade, 29th Anniversary, Panel Discussion 2002 January 22 

CDs & DVDs CD436/1

Roe v. Wade, Question & Answer session, Award Presentation 2002 January 22 

CDs & DVDs 2

Digital Video Discs 2004 April 1 

CDs & DVDs

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Folding Display Board 

Scope and Contents note

Depicts the history of the NOW and its agenda for social change.

1 display bd.