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Atkins Library Research Award Application Requirements

In order to apply for an Atkins Library Research Award, you must register for and participate in the UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference.  You DO NOT have to apply for an Atkins Award in order to register or participate in the conference.

If you do choose to apply for the Atkins Awards, however, you will need to provide the following information at the time that you submit your conference registration. You are encouraged to prepare these requirements in advance in a Word document and then copy/paste into the spaces provided in the online registration form:
Contact Information
-Your name and contact information
-The name department and contact information of the faculty member who supervised your research
-The title of the research project
-Names and contact information of additional student authors
Summary of the Research Process  (No more than 750 words)
Briefly describe the nature of your research process in a few paragraphs of text. (This is different from the summary of the research below; here, we want to get to know your personal journey through the research process).  Your description should address, at a minimum, the following questions:
  • How did you develop or decide upon your primary research questions, arguments or focus? With whom did you consult to develop a research strategy?
  • How did you utilize resources from Atkins Library-include databases, journals, electronic materials, media collections, special collections and staff assistance?
  • What resources beyond those found through the library did you consult?
  • What research methods did you use? (Did you do work in the laboratory, conduct surveys, read relevant literature, develop case studies, do field visits, conduct interviews?)
  • What surprised you about the research process?
  • What was the biggest mistake or misstep you made in conducting your research?
  • How did you discover it and recover from it?
  • What was the best technique or thought process that you learned while conducting your research?
  • What have you learned from working on this project that you will apply to future research projects?
Summary of the Research Project  (No more than 1000 words)
Briefly describe the content of the research in a short essay.  (This section might be considered an extended abstract or summary of your research, however, remember that it must be written so that non-specialists can understand). Your description should address at a minimum the following questions:
  • What is the societal or disciplinary contribution of your research? (i.e. why should others care?)
  • What is the central goal, thesis, question and/or hypothesis guiding your research?
  • What literature/data/information do you include in developing your primary argument or analysis?
  • What specific methods/approaches did you use to analyze the literature/data/information and reach your conclusions?
  • What are the most significant conclusions you draw from your research?

Works Cited
Please submit a copy of the works cited list from your research project (please include, title, authors, year published, journal volume and page numbers for manuscripts or publisher and page numbers for books.; use any standard citation format that is appropriate to the discipline of your research).
Letter from Faculty Advisor
Your Faculty Advisor must submit a letter in support of your application.  This letter should address the significance of your research project as well as the quality of your research process.  This letter should be e-mailed separately to  The attachment should be titled [LastNameUndergraduateResearchAward].