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Atkins Introduces Exam Therapy for Students

This is a stressful time for students as they study and take exams. So, we've created ATKINS EXAM THERAPY to provide ways for our students to unwind, take a break, and re-charge during finals. During exam week Atkins will provide a few needed distractions like therapy dogs, free pizza and coffee, and even a game of chess. We hope these activities give students an opportunity to step away from the books for a little while:

1. Paws for Exam Therapy

April 30, May 1 & May 7: 6-8 pm
May 4: 2-4 pm
Atkins Atrium

2. Pizza Therapy

Friday, May 2, 4 PM
Monday, May 5, 4 PM
Outside of Room 125

3. Play Therapy

Games and other distractions on a rolling cart so it can be wheeled around. Use what you want, where you want.
When you’re 
done, just put everything
back on the cart 
for the next person.

4. Coffee Therapy

Overnights Sun., May 4 thru Tues., May 6
Ground floor in front of Peet’s Library Café
Courtesy of Atkins Library