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Book Retrieval for Students

UNC Charlotte Students can now use the "Request" button feature within the catalog to request that a book be held for you at the Circulation desk.  Once you click this button and login to your library account, you will be able to easily request the book to be retrieved.  Once the book has been requested online, library staff will retrieve the book and the student may pick it up at the circulation desk located by the main entrance of the library. Online requests are retrieved regularly, at 11AM, 1PM and 2AM, during the spring and fall semesters. The service is available during the summer sessions as well, but limited to one daily retrieval. Some guidelines for the book retrieval service are:

  • If an item is Available or Checked Out, we will either pull the book from the shelves or recall it from another user.
  • Requests submitted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday morning.
  • If an item is Checked Out, contact the Circulation Dept. to have a recall placed on the item.

To place a request, do the following:

  1. Go to the catalog:

  2. Search the catalog, and Click the Request button towards the top of the screen when you find an item you want.

  3. After clicking the "Request" button, you will login to your library account

  4. After logging in, select the item you want to request, and click on the "REQUEST SELECTED ITEM" button

  5. You will be notified through your UNCC email account when the item is ready for pickup at the Circulation Desk if the item was checked out.

  6. You will not be notified through email if the item status is "Available" in the catalog at the time of the request. These items are automatically held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days for pick up.      


    Book Retrieval - Disability Services

    As noted above, Atkins Library offers a book retrieval service. This service reduces, if not eliminates, the need to use the elevators in the library or to navigate through the stacks. The retrieval service is offered for all books and is available to any student who wishes to utilize the service. Along with the online service, students can request books in person at the circulation desk or by asking one of the library staff who roam the library floors to provide these services to patrons. Materials requested in person will be retrieved immediately.