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Recalls, Holds, and Missing Items


To share our resources in a fair manner by which many people benefit, recalls are allowed to insure that all borrowers have access to our materials. When recalled items are returned late, it prevents other students and faculty from getting materials needed for research, for papers, and for class assignments.

Recalls may be placed on any regular circulating item that is currently checked out to another user. Currently, all recall requests can ONLY be made by Circulation staff. You may phone 704-687-0491 or come by the Circulation Desk in person to make your request.

Emails are sent to the patron as soon as the item is checked in and put on the hold shelf or mailed to campus offices.


The library uses holds as a way of allowing patrons to request items that are not currently in circulation.

For faculty and staff palcing holds, the items are retrieved from the stacks, checked out to them, and mailed through Atkins Express to their campus offices. Distance Education students are also included in this service, with materials mailed to their home address.

For students and non-university affiliated users, the items are retrieved from the stacks, and held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days for pick up.

Pick Up Notices or Delivery Sent Notices will be mailed as soon as the hold request is processed.

Missing Items

You have several options if you cannot find an item on the shelf :

  • Check online or at the Circulation Desk to make sure the item is not checked out to another user. If it is checked out, you may place a recall on the item.
  • Staff will recheck the location of the item and that you were looking in the correct location.
  • If an item has been checked in during the last 24 hours, it will have the status of "Being Reshelved." Ask the staff at the Circulation Desk to check the location and time of return; they may be able to access this material for you before it is reshelved.
  • If the item cannot be located, Circulation Staff will initiate a search for you.
  • If found, students will be notificed by email  for pick up and faculty/staff will have it delivered.
  • We will search for 2 weeks ---  the status of "Missing" will be placed on the item if not located immediately, and will continue to be search for one year.
  • If the item is not located, you may request it through Inter-Library Loan.