Artist Talk with April Marten

A discussion with local artist and writer, April Marten
Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, 1:00 PM, Hight Architecture Library in Storrs

April Marten is a socially conscious visual artist who works across multiple media including sculpture, performance art, video, collage, and book arts. She processes her observations through social engagement, research, and writing, and then distills her unique worldview into an artistic, visual form. Common themes in Marten’s work include the feminine dilemma, religious identity, and social inequities.

Marten’s ongoing series, “Deconstructed Scriptures and Codes of Torturers,” explores identity formed under the influences and in reaction to the world’s religions. Marten alters and deconstructs sacred texts to form objects for contemplation. Her work is designed to spark dialogue around persistent ideology. 

Southern Hypocrisy, 2008

Marten will talk about her process in creating 3 of her artists’ books that were recently added to the library collection (Southern Hypocrisy or Southern Hospitality, Horrible Revelation, The Next Day in America: Dawn, 11-05-08). She will also talk about the importance of book arts
to her practice and how this medium allowed her to express herself as a Southern artist during a momentous election process with a nominee who had a good chance of becoming the first black American president. Also, how she continued to work with these themes during the recent election process with the possibility of our first female American president.

April Marten will discuss the underlying themes of civil rights, human rights, equality and how she uses art to advocate for and create conversations about these topics on Wednesday, April 26th at 1:00 PM in the Hight Architecture Library. Learn more about the artist at There is no cost or registration required. Refreshments will be served.