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Topic “African American Life & Culture”

Fred D. (Frederick Douglas) Alexander Papers

Filing title: 
Alexander (Frederick Douglas) Papers

Fred D. (Frederick Douglas) Alexander papers

Charles A. McLean Papers

Filing title: 
McLean (Charles A.) Papers

Inventory of the Charles A. McLean Papers

Julius L. Chambers Papers

Filing title: 
Chambers (Julius L.) Papers

Guide to the Julius L. Chambers Papers

John Hamilton Cornish Diaries

Filing title: 
Cornish (John Hamilton) Diaries

Inventory to the John Hamilton Cornish diaries

Joseph Samuel Nathaniel Tross Collection

Filing title: 
Tross (Joseph Samuel Nathaniel) Collection

Joseph Samuel Nathaniel Tross collection

William Tasse Alexander Family Papers

Filing title: 
Alexander (William Tasse) Family Papers

William Tasse Alexander Family papers

Belinda Hurmence Papers

Filing title: 
Hurmence (Belinda) Papers

Papers of Belinda Hurmence

J. Walter Potts Family Papers

Filing title: 
Potts Family Papers

Inventory of the J. Walter Potts family papers

Louise Woods Papers

Filing title: 
Woods (Louise) Papers

Papers of Louise Woods

Swank Social Club Records

Filing title: 
Swank Social Club Records

Records of the Swank Social Club

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