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Topic “War and Military”

Thomas G. Lane Papers

Filing title: 
Lane (Thomas G.) Papers

Thomas G. Lane papers

McCoy Family Papers

Filing title: 
McCoy Family Papers

Inventory of the McCoy family papers

Clarence O. Kuester, Jr., Papers

Filing title: 
Kuester (Clarence O.) Papers

Clarence O. Kuester papers

Raymond M. Mitchell Papers

Filing title: 
Mitchell (Raymond M.) Papers

Raymond M. Mitchell papers

Richard Lee Clark Collection

Filing title: 
Clark (Richard Lee) Collection

Richard Lee Clark collection

Rufus Clay Barringer Papers

Filing title: 
Barringer (Rufus Clay) Papers

Rufus Clay Barringer collection

William H. Platt Papers

Filing title: 
Platt (William H.) Papers

William H. Platt papers

Mary Anna Morrison Jackson Papers

Filing title: 
Jackson (Mary Anna Morrison) Papers

Mary Anna Morrison Jackson papers

Samuel J. Stuart Letters

Filing title: 
Stuart (Samuel J.) Letters

Inventory of the Samuel J. Stuart letters

11th North Carolina Troops Records

Filing title: 
North Carolina Troops, 11th Regiment, Records

11th North Carolina Troops records

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