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Topic “Arts & Culture”

Charlotte Chapter of the National Organization of Women Records

Filing title: 
Charlotte NOW Records

Charlotte chapter of the National Organization of Women records

Jack Claiborne Papers

Filing title: 
Claiborne (Jack) Papers

Inventory of the Jack Claiborne papers

A. Grant Whitney Papers

Filing title: 
Whitney (A. Grant) Papers

A. Grant Whitney papers

Arthur Carl Lee Collection

Filing title: 
Lee (Arthur Carl) Photographs

Collection of photographs of A. C. Lee

R. T. Smith Papers

Filing title: 
Smith (R. T.) Papers

Papers of R. T. Smith

James Lineberger Papers

Filing title: 
Lineberger (James) Papers

Inventory of the James Lineberger papers

Wilbur Macey Stone Papers

Filing title: 
Stone (Wilbur Macey) Papers

Papers of Wilbur Macey Stone

Virginia Dare Book Club Records

Filing title: 
Virginia Dare Book Club Records

Records of the Virginia Dare Book Club

Collection of performance reviews of "Troilus and Cressida" at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

Filing title: 
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (Collection of Performance Reviews of "Troilus and Cressida")

"Shakespeare in Performance" collection

Ignace Jan Paderewski Collection

Filing title: 
Paderewski (Ignace Jan) Collection

Inventory of the Ignace Jan Paderewski collection

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