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Exhibitors Information, Instructions, and Registration

Exhibitors will have space available on the day of the event (April 24) for tables where representatives will offer information about their group of interest to participants and spectators.

Eligible groups are UNC Charlotte organizations, both student- and university-run, whose missions have relevance to promoting undergraduate research and/or scholarship. Examples of such groups might include academically oriented student clubs; graduate-student recruitment from departments; or international studies organizations. Space is limited, so the URC Organizational Committee reserves the right to determine which groups are most closely aligned with the goals of the URC.


*Please Note: EXHIBITORS are campus groups that wish to promote their mission or services to students.  
If you want to present your research project as a PARTICIPANT in the URC, please register at

Exhibitors will be required to register during the registration period from March 1 to April 1 at 5 pm.
The following information will be required on the registration form:

  • Group Name
  • Primary Contact name and information
  • If a student group: faculty advisor name and contact information.
  • A one sentence explanation of the mission, goal, or information of your group at the conference.
  • If you will require: a table a power outlet. [Or if you would be willing to share a large table with another group].




Exhibitors are asked to set-up their tables during the lunch-break for the conference (12-12:30).

Exhibitors are asked to be present at their tables for a minimum of 2 hours between 2 pm and 4 pm. We prefer that someone be present at your table from 12:30-4:00 pm.

Clean-up of your table can commence at 4 pm and should be complete (all materials removed) no later than 5:30.