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Dance History II

Dance History II Online Exhibit
A New Atkins' Online Exhibit

Atkins has a new online exhibit on the library’s new exhibit site called Dance History II: Spotlight on Undergraduate Research. The exhibit highlights the research projects of six dance students enrolled in Dance History II taught in Spring 2020 by Kaus Sarkar, assistant professor of dance in the College of Arts + Architecture. When the class shifted to online due to Covid-19 students were able to continue their research about dance history and share their findings with their classmates.

During the course, students explored historical and cultural influences that affected the development of concert dance in the twentieth century. Research topics ranged from minstrelsy to modern dance. Dance students critically engaged with historical and movement archives, using choreographic and comprehensive analysis to address issues such as racism, orientalism, social justice, and homophobia. They sought to answer questions like, "Why should dance technique start on the floor?" and "What is the legacy of Bill Bojangles Robinson?" as well as "What is the contemporary relevance of canonical works of ballet?"

The exhibit includes students' abstracts, proposals, and final presentations that chronicle their research progress. The exhibit shares their research efforts with a wider audience and demonstrates how they adapted to a changing learning community.

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