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Digital Media Literacy Instruction

Digital Media Literacy Infographic
By Catherine Tingelstad

One of the most important issues facing us is our ability to critically analyze and share online information. Recognizing the need for education and awareness about misleading and manipulated information, a team of librarians at Atkins Library created the Digital Media Literacy working group. The goals of the group are to teach students strategies for effectively evaluating online content, to empower faculty to incorporate core digital media literacy concepts into their instruction, and to build a network of campus partners to create outreach opportunities.

Instruction librarians are currently teaching concepts such as lateral reading, photo identification, and fact-checking in sessions for the University College, First-year Writing, Critical Thinking and Communication, and subject area classes. We provide students with the opportunity to evaluate online content in an active learning environment and ask them to decide if they would share that information on their social media or with others. 

The working group has created an infographic featuring a series of steps to use when reading online content. This process recognizes the need for online readers to slow down and check their emotions before reacting to and sharing potentially inaccurate information.

The Digital Media Literacy resource guide is a repository of tools and information including articles, activities, lesson plans, and videos. Faculty are encouraged to use the content in this guide in working with their classes. 

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