Atkins Unveils Group Study Redesign

Reserving a study room is now easier than ever before. After reviewing feedback given by students to the Student Library Advisory Board, Atkins staff worked on an interface redesign to both make it more user-friendly as well as update the color scheme to match the new library website. The convenience of the grid view allows students to make a reservation while seeing all of the available rooms simultaneously. Furthermore, up to four people can check in to the reservation. This is beneficial when the individual who created the reservation is running late or cannot make it, but the rest of the group still wants to meet. Along with these upgrades, the new features include:
  • A grid view (labeled “view all rooms”) – users can click and drag over the time slot they want and book right from the grid
  • The default booking slot is one hour, but users can choose a 30 minute slot if they prefer.
  • During the booking process, students are able to add three other NinerNet usernames that will have access to check in at the Library Information Kiosks
  • Students can “release” a room if they no longer need it prior to the reservation or at any point throughout the reserved time slot

Please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions regarding the redesign.