Teaching + Technology Theater

Teaching + Technology Theater (T3)

The Teaching + Technology Theater is a model flexible classroom to be used by librarians, regional preservice and inservice teachers, students, and faculty and staff in the Cato College of Education (CCOED) for instruction, demonstrations, and workshops. The purpose of the space is to provide preservice and inservice teachers a place to experiment with cutting edge education technology, in order to integrate it into their own instruction practice. When the space is not being used for teacher instruction, it can be booked by librarians for their instruction and used for overflow by the Makerspace when needed.

Access & Training

T3 is not an open space; it will be locked at all times. RIS Librarians and other Area 49 staff will have swipe access as needed. During midterms and finals, T3 will be an open study space, unless reserved.  To reserve the space, contact Abby Moore, amoor164@uncc.edu, or Nicole Spoor, dspoor1@uncc.edu.


The tools in T3 do not circulate. CCOED students, faculty, and staff will be trained on the equipment during booked instruction sessions. Training workshops for Atkins faculty and staff will be scheduled as needed.


  • Ensure that all tools are cooled and off before stepping away or storing items.

  • Remove personal items that could become entangled when operating equipment. Tie back long hair.

  • Do not modify tools and equipment.

  • Do not bring food and drink inside the room, except for closed water bottles.

  • Report all accidents, including minor injuries and hazardous conditions or activities, immediately to the instructor or the room monitor or library security and complete the appropriate Incident Report Form.

  • Atkins Library provides all T3 materials, services, and products on an “as is” basis without warranties or representations of any sort, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. If something is broken or unfit for use, alert staff. Items can often be repaired, but in some cases, replacement cost fines may apply.

Code of Conduct

All users should comply with the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity, Code of Student Responsibility, Library Patron Conduct Policy and all other UNC Charlotte policies. In addition, we ask that all users follow the guidelines below for continued use of the Atkins Makerspace.

Atkins T3 users must: 

  • Attend appropriate training for any equipment used;
  • Contact staff for equipment repair or troubleshooting;

  • Use tools and equipment only for their intended purposes with approved materials;

  • Pay for items that require payment;

  • Ensure that all items are cooled before storing;

  • Remove personal files from storage cards and machine memory;

  • Remove all personal items from T3. We do not provide storage space for created objects, but if your project requires drying or setting time, speak with the librarian for accommodations.