Visualization Lab

Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab is designed to support large-scale visualization and collaborative, technology-rich research projects. Located on the second floor of the J. Murrey Atkins Library, room 244, the lab is equipped with a 86.5"x284" widescreen display, two Panasonic projectors, an Alienware PC, an HTC Vive virtual reality system, a Dell PC, and an Epson Short-throw Projector with interactive SmartBoard/Laptop combo. The space and equipment are conducive to supporting and exhibiting cross-disciplinary research projects, digital scholarship activities, data analysis and visualization, GIS, virtual reality, and more.


9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday

Using the Visualization Lab

Visit the Visualization Lab page on our LibGuide for instructions on using the technology and to see possible layouts for the space. 

Orientation & Training

Before using the Visualization Lab, you will need to attend a technology orientation. Please review the Area 49 Workshops page for upcoming orientation sessions. If you are in need of a training session outside of the lab’s scheduled times or require more in-depth training or consultation, please contact

There are two types of orientations:

  1. Basic Orientation

    • After this orientation, you will be able to navigate the Alienware PC and operate basic room functions, such as the projectors, lights, and sound. This orientation is ideal for those who are only interested in using the room for a presentation, meeting, or event.

    • Once you have completed this orientation, you will be added to the list of approved users able to request the space for presentations, meetings, and events.

    • This orientation may be scheduled for the 15 minutes before the use of the room, as long as both the host and the Digital Pedagogy & Emerging Technologies Librarian are available.

  2. Full Orientation

    • This orientation covers all information given in the partial orientation, but adds the SmartBoard, HTC Vive, and basic troubleshooting for the Alienware PC. This orientation is ideal for those who wish to use the room for research, analysis, display, gaming, collaboration, and more.

    • Once you have completed this orientation, you will be added to the list of approved users for independent use beyond presentations, meetings, and events.

    • These 1-hour orientations are given once per month, but may be scheduled outside of these times for specific research or departmental needs, upon request.

Scheduling the Visualization Lab

Once you have undergone one of the two orientations, you may begin scheduling time in the Visualization Lab by emailing the Digital Pedagogy and Emerging Technologies Librarian. Once your reservation is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and a Google Calendar invite confirming your reservation. To cancel your reservation, decline the Google Calendar invitation.

To view the times the Visualization Lab is available, UNC Charlotte users may access a limited version of the calendar through this Google Calendar link.

At the time of your reservation, please check in with your UNC Charlotte ID card at the Technology Support Desk on the second floor of Atkins Library.

Card swipe and calendar access are available to Atkins Library employees only. 

Presentations & Workshops

In order for potential and current users to consider the possibilities for using the Visualization Lab space, its technologies, and its associated practices, we offer the following presentations and workshops.

Please note that these workshops and presentations are conducted by the Digital Pedagogy & Emerging Technologies Librarian. The Subject Librarian for your discipline will be invited to contribute additional expertise.

Introductory Presentation

This is a 20-45-minute presentation designed to introduce the concept of a visualization lab, present the technology in the room, and view example projects that use such technologies and may spark ideas. The length of the presentation is dependent on available time and the depth of information and examples requested.

Ideation Sessions

Ideation sessions can be set up for individual users or research groups, or can be expanded to include entire departments or classes. In an ideation session, attendees will consider how they might use the technology in the Visualization Lab or incorporate practices associated with the technology.

Though an ideation session can be of any length, it is best paired with a quick introductory presentation when users have not yet been introduced to the technology. In these cases, it is best to allow at least an hour for the entire session.

Class Workshops

Similar to research instruction sessions facilitated by subject librarians, this workshop allows students to interact with concepts related to Visualization Lab, such as design thinking, critical thinking, the basics of digital scholarship, and collaboration. Class workshops will be designed around the needs and goals for your specific course.

Instructors wishing to reserve the Visualization Lab may contact the Digital Pedagogy and Emerging Technologies Librarian and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For questions, contact the Technology Support Desk at 704.687.6028 or