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Proxy Privileges

For Faculty

Faculty may designate a graduate, teaching, or research assistant, or a departmental secretary, to check out items on their behalf by submitting a written or electronic request.

Things to Know: 

  • The designated proxy brings their own ID to check out items on the Faculty member’s behalf. Those items appear under the Faculty member’s library account. 

  • The Faculty member is responsible for timely return of those items and is financially responsible for any lost or damaged item charges.

  • Proxy privileges are only for those designated by the Faculty member.

  • The library sends all courtesy notices to the Faculty member.

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for proxy privileges to be set up once the request is made.

How it Works:

  • Submit the request.

  • Patron Services Manager will contact you by email confirming the request has been received and processed.

For Students with Disabilities 

Students with disabilities may grant proxy privileges to another designated user upon request. Proxy privileges will allow the designated person to check out material in the name of the student with disabilities. The proxy will not be able to check out any material to which the requesting student doesn’t have original access.

How it Works:

  • Stop by the Circulation Desk and complete a written request or submit an online request.

  • Request through the Office of Disability Services via your DS counselor.

  • Email the Circulation Desk at or call the Circulation Desk at 704-687-0491 with your request.

Proxy Privileges