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New BioMed Central Membership Means Discount for Authors

Atkins Library is pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with BioMed Central for a Supporter Membership for BMC’s Open Access publishing program and SpringerOpen titles. Beginning February 15th, submitting UNC Charlotte authors whose articles are accepted for publication in those journals will receive a 15% reduction in article processing charges (APCs).  
This discount also applies to SpringerOpen titles published by Springer Verlag, which cover disciplines beyond biomedical areas, including: business, economics, engineering, manufacturing, astronomy, computer science and others.  There are now 100 SpringerOpen journals and approximately 250 BioMed Central active titles. With a Supporter Membership, there is no limit to how many articles can benefit from this discount during the course of the year.

For a journals list for BMC see: 
For SpringerOpen titles see:
To view UNC Charlotte’s membership page see:
Click here to read the welcome letter from BMC which explains how to apply and what benefits are associated with this membership.