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Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers

The following list of scholarly publishers was created and maintained by Jeffrey Beall, as academic librarian at the University of Colorado Denver.  It is widely hailed as the most comprehensive list of its kind.  In fact, Beall’s list was recently highlighted in the New York Times article “Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too"
The NYT article highlights and exposes the copycat journals’ practice that deceives and ensnares academics into initially believing they are dealing with established, prestigious journals.  Beall’s list of such publishers contains over 300 journals that meet the 2nd Edition’s criteria of “predatory publisher.”
Careful review of Beall’s criteria demonstrates his thorough review of each journal’s content and practices as well as listing journal behavior that is so outrageous and offensive that even the most skeptical academician would eschew any association with such a journal.