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A New Way to Study at Atkins

How Do You Want to Study Today?

Atkins' new StudyConnect lets you reserve space to create a study group open to others who are taking the same course.
The new StudyConnect feature lets students reserve a study room for a specific course or section, and then allows other students to join.  Classmates can search for a reserved space by name, group name, course, or instructor. Or, students can use the "show all" list to see all the reserved StudyConnect groups and their dedicated topics.

The My Group Study feature stays the same – students can still use it to reserve a room for themself or a regular study group which can be searched by study group name or the name of the person who reserved it.  A one-click overview shows what rooms are currently available, what rooms are reserved, and what StudyConnect rooms are open to join.

Students reserving StudyConnect rooms are required to give Atkins Library permission to show their study location online for other students to see.