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Wireless Access

Wireless service in the Library and other campus locations provides access to the Internet and any web applications and resources delivered with a web browser via TCP port 80.

When using the wireless network, you will not have access to University software applications. You will not be able to print from the wireless network. You can access your H:\ drive with Netstorage at myfiles.

Login to Wireless

  • When you open a web browser, it should redirect to the UNC Charlotte Wireless Network Login.
  • Login with your NinerNet account credentials.  
  • University guests should enter a complete, valid email account in the field labeled Guest.
  • Logoff to end your wireless session by clicking "Click here to Logoff" in the Logoff popup window. This may be minimized to the Task Bar or Dock.

Wireless Network Rules & Regulations

Please note, your username and password are encrypted, but your session is not natively encrypted. Any information transmitted is susceptible to being decoded or viewed. It is strongly suggested that you not transmit any sensitive or personal information while using the wireless network.

The wireless network is a shared medium and all activity should be limited to educational purposes.

Use of the University's computing and electronic communication resources is conditioned on compliance with the University's Information Technology policies.

Borrow a Laptop

Atkins Library lends laptop computers to students, faculty and staff for a 24-hour period. These laptops are configured to access the University wireless network.