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Seventeen Film on Demand Titles To Be Removed This Spring

Atkins library is happy to be able to provide access to over ten thousand streaming videos through our Films on Demand subscription, including titles from National Geographic, TED Talks, PBS, and the BBC, just to name a few. 
As part of the subscription, new and exciting videos are added monthly. 

Along with videos being added, we unfortunately will lose titles from time to time that are no longer being made available by the distributor. Below is a list of videos that will be removed throughout the Spring, including the date the video is scheduled to be removed from the collection:

Title Expiration
American Experience: A Midwife's Tale 1/1/2014
Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles 1/13/2014
FRONTLINE: Hand of God 1/16/2014
FRONTLINE: Inside the Teenage Brain 1/30/2014
Forgotten Ellis Island 2/10/2014
Jerusalem: Center of the World- Part 1 4/1/2014
Jerusalem: Center of the World- Part 2 4/1/2014
American Experience: Sister Aimee 4/2/2014
FAT: What No One is Telling You 4/11/2014
NOVA: Apollo 13: To the Edge and Back 4/21/2014
The Mormons, Part 1 4/30/2014
The Mormons, Part 2 4/30/2014
NOVA: The Vikings 5/8/2014
Journey Into Buddhism: Dharma River  Digital 5/24/2014
Journey Into Buddhism: Prajna Earth Digital 5/24/2014
Journey Into Buddhism: Vajra Sky Over Tibet  Digital 5/24/2014
America At A Crossroads: The Mosque in Morgantown 6/15/2014

For a listing of the library's Films on Demand offering, visit: