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Winners: Undergraduate Research Conference 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference Winners!

The 2012 UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference showcased more than 60 undergraduate students, representing the widest range of disciplines since its inception.  Keynote addresses were given by UNC Charlotte's Dr. Scott Fitzgerald, associate professor of the Department of Sociology and Charlotte social entrepreneur Charles Thomas, executive director of Queen City Forward.

"Undergraduate research is an integral part of any healthy university system", said conference committee chair Missy Eppes, associate professor of Earth Sciences. "Students have the opportunity to take part in the production of knowledge from the initial conception of an idea, to the collection of data or resources, to the final presentation of the new work.  Those who participate in such a conference immediately have a step up towards graduate school, employment and more."

The J. Murrey Atkins Library Research Awards was a new category added to the program, presenting first place winners with $1,000.00 and second place winners $500.00.  One particular award, The Stephen Mosier Undergraduate Research Award for Science, was personally presented by the former Vice Chancellor for Research and Federal Relations to the student winners. (More pictures will soon be posted on Atkins Library’s website,

The 2012 winners are as follows:  

ATKINS LIBRARY RESEARCH AWARDS (1st Place = $1,000.00; 2nd Place = $500.00)

    Biological Sciences/Health Sciences:
    1st Place: Ryan Baxter, Activation of Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in Viable but Non-Culturable Bibrio  
    2nd Place: Natascha MoestlCoaching a Virus to Kill Cancer: Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Against 
    Pancreatic Cancer
    Honorable Mention: Jonathan David DvorakRole of Muc1 in Breast Cancer Associated Metastasis with 
    Honorable Mention: Casey Payne, The Relationship Between Mucin 1 and Neuropilin-1 in Pancreatic  

    Physical Sciences/Engineering: The Stephen H. Mosier Award, (presented by Stephen Mosier, Professor 
    1st Place: Richard HardinPreparation Chracterization and Reactions of Argentates using Rapid Injection
    2nd Place: Anthony HarrisPipe Traversing Robot 

    1st PlaceKerry WeldonGlendale Montessori: Rethinking Educational Design 
    2nd Place: Zachary TarltonArts & Architecture: A collaboration 
     Honorable Mention: Les GrayIdentities in Social Justice and Social Justice 

    Social Sciences/Education:
    1st Place: David GrayEffects of sleep on Phobic Extinction 
    2nd Place: Kyle WeichmanDepression, Quality of Life, and Rehabilitation in Dementia Using Data from 
    the 2002 national Health Interview Survey 
    Honorable Mention: Anna WellsA 4th Graders Approach for Solving Math 

DEPARTMENT AWARDS (1st Place = $100.00)

    Africana Studies
    1st Place: Amanda LeeThe impact of Dollarization on Latin American Identit
    1st Place: Renee ZemlockBreaking the taboo on Race

   1st Place: Kerry WeldonGlendale Montessori: Rethinking Educational Design 
    1st Place: Ryan Baxter,  Activation of Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in Viable but Non-Culturable Vibrio 
    Honorable Mention: Casey RimlandLocalization of Myc protein to histone gene expression in 
    Drosophila melanogaster
    Honorable MentionClaus Ullstad Effects of Ocean Acidification and Elevated Temperature on Oxidative 
    Stress in Marine Bivalves
   Honorable Mention: Yogin PatelRole of APE 2 in DNA damage response

    1st Place: Jose F CastanedaBlinking Dynamics of Single Cadmium Selenide nanocrystals near Palladium
    1st PlaceRichard HardinPreparation, Chracterization and Reactions of Argentates using Rapid 
    Injection NMR 
    2nd PlaceLizeth HernandezSyntehesis and Reactivity of a new bis(pyridiyl)selone
    3rd Place: Joseph HazelCapsular polysaccharide of Vibrio Vulnificus
    Honorable Mention: Reynolds IvinsSynthesis Chracterization of Meso-Substituted Tetraphenyl
    Porphyrins for Photovolatic Applications

     1st Place: Jordan StuttsThe Use of Social Media in the Arab Spring 

     Criminal Justice and Criminology
     1st Place: Jeremiah Johnson, Sentencing Guidelines: Myths and Realities 
     2nd Place: Ingrid Portillo, Jennelee Colon, Mayra GarciaLatinos Perceptions of the Criminal Justice 
     System in Mecklenburg County
     1st Place: Danielle Corbin, DANCENOISE: Challenging Expectations

     Educational Leadership:
     1st Place: Lauren FawFemale and Minority Students in Engineering Face Unique Challenges

     Electrical and Computer Engineering:
     1st Place: Anthony HarrisConcepts of Pipe Traversing Robots
     2nd Place Ruba KachlanGeneral Purpose Measurement Tool Project

     Geography and Earth Sciences:
    1st Place: Lauren Slawsky, Examining the Diurnal Varibility of Wind Energy Resources
    2nd Place: Stephen Abernathy/Shelby Ledford, Variaition in Soil pH in a Piedmond Terrace

    1st Place: Regina Galloway, A Comparison of Dynamic Stretching and Static Stretching
    2nd Place: Evan Drabik, Effects of Dual-Tasking on Postural Control on those with Chronic Ankle 

    Mathematics and Statistics:
    1st Place: Morgan Leith, Elementary Education

    Mechanical Engineering:
    1st Place: John Troutman, Deposition and Measurement at the Nanoscale Coupling between the switch II
    loop and Src Homology

    Physics & Optical Science:
    1st Place: Charles Herring, (SH1) helix in myosin II during the recovery stroke studies by moleculardy
    2nd Place: Uriah Israel, Heat as a Contrast Agent for Biological Thermal Imaging: Monte Carlo Models of 
    Light Propagation

    Political Science and Public Administration:
    1st Place: Millie Archila, Humanitarian Aid Workers as Targets of Violence 
    2nd Place: Shengbao Mike Dong, Education Production Function: How much does having good peers aid
    students' learning?

    1st Place: Kyle Weichman, Depression, Quality of Life and Rehabilitation in Dementia Using Data from 
    the 2002 National Health Interview Survey

    Public Health Sciences:
    1st Place: Anna Bawtinhimer, Examining Health Literacy and Weight. Management in Adults with

    1st Place: Brittany D. Woody, Comparing Resources: State Based Inequality within Vocational

    Special Education and Child Development:
    1st Place: Anna Wells, A 4th Grader's Approach for Solving Math

    1st Place: Les Gray, Identities in Social Justice and Social Networks

     *A special thank you goes to the event sponsors for the Atkins Awards: Duke Energy, UNC Charlotte's Charlotte Research Institute and the J. Murrey Atkins Library.