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These testimonials from former participants in the Atkins Fellows program may help you decide if you want to apply to join us this summer. The program is about much more than the projects.

The Atkins Fellows program is worthwhile for any library science student wondering if academic librarianship is the path for them. It provides the opportunity to explore an area of librarianship in depth through the project and to get a taste of other areas through panels, presentations, and informational interviews across the library.

Although I have worked in an academic library during library school, the Atkins Fellows program provided a different, complementary experience. Fellows are invited to do work that is taken seriously and used beyond the time they spend at Atkins, to sit in on committees, and to offer suggestions that can create change in the library. Rather than just working at a desk for a few shifts a week, Fellows are immersed in their projects and the culture at Atkins for the summer.

I have loved connecting with the other Fellows and with library faculty and staff across Atkins, and I'm so thankful to have been a Fellow. I highly recommend current students and eligible graduates apply.

Georgia Westbrook
Scholarly Communications + Digital Publishing Fellow, Summer 2019
Syracuse University iSchool

The Atkins Fellows program is a great way to learn about what it is really like to work in an academic library while getting paid.

I loved doing the fellows program in the summer in the middle of library school because it allowed me to try out some of the things I had been learning while allowing me to explore new parts of the library which influenced my course choices for the following year.

The program works well because the people in the library are invested in helping fellows find their place—you are treated as a professional and are always welcome to go to a committee meeting or webinar even if it has nothing to do with your project.

Speaking of the projects it is exciting to get to devote so much focused time and energy to one project and then to see the impact your work has on what the library does moving forward. I’m very glad I was a fellow!

Jenny Bruxvoort
Assessment Fellow, Summer 2018

University of Illinois iSchool

The Atkins Fellows Program attracted me because it offered full time work, a healthy stipend, and a chance to gain real experience in an academic library.

While other fellowships are offered to recent graduates, the Atkins Fellows Program gives you that hands-on experience at the mid-point of your library school education. I will now be able to strategically plan my final year of graduate school and explore the new interests I discovered while at Atkins.

In addition to the project work I completed, I also had the opportunity to participate in committees, professional development workshops, candidate job talks, and departmental meetings. I felt like a regular member of staff, and this openness, friendliness, and transparency was as valuable as the individual project I worked on.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Atkins Fellows Program to any student interested in working in academic libraries. You will develop your skills, increase your confidence, and build your professional network.

Amelia Midgett-Nicholson
Global Engagement Fellow, Summer 2018
UNC Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science


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