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Fines and Lost Items

The library charges fines on some materials to ensure continued access to our shared resources for everyone. We email you courtesy notices to remind you to bring your items back on time. Do you have a fine for an overdue or lost item? If so, we can work with you to resolve most billing issues. 

If you think you’ve returned a library item and it is still showing up on your library account, you can submit a form to request a search for a returned item. Library staff will search the library and contact you.

What fines do we charge?
  • We charge fines for items that are returned late or not returned at all.
  • Recalled items and Interlibrary Loan items accrue a $1 per day late fine.
  • Course reserve items, laptops, and other library technology accrue a $1 per hour late fine.
  • Lost or damaged items:
    • Books and DVDs: $100 ($65 replacement fee; $35 processing fee)
    • Laptops: $1400 replacement fee; $70 lost power adapter fee
    • Other library technology: replacement cost is the cost of the item
    • Other lost items: $30 lost mac VGA adapter fee; $60 lost mac mouse fee
When am I billed for a lost item?
  • Any general collection item overdue for 60 days is considered lost and billed.
  • Any laptops or adapters overdue for 30 days are considered lost and billed.
  • Audio/Visual materials and videos overdue for 14 days are considered lost and billed.
  • You are responsible for replacement or repair costs of damaged items while those items are checked out on your account.
Paying your fines


  • You can pay your fines at the Circulation Desk with cash, check, or a debit/credit card. Fines less than $5 must be paid in cash.
  • If you have a fine over $10, we temporarily suspend your borrowing privileges until the balance is back under $10.
  • Any outstanding student fines are transferred to your student account at the end of the semester. Faculty/Staff fines are sent to the payroll office for deduction at the end of each month.

All other borrowers 

  • You can pay your fines at the Circulation Desk with cash, check, or a debit/credit card.
  • We temporarily suspend your borrowing privileges until you pay the fine at the Circulation Desk.

Can I appeal my fine? Yes 

  • Request a fine review, or complete a paper fine review form at the Circulation Desk to have your library fine reviewed.
  • Call the library Circulation Desk at 704-687-0491.
  • Come to the Circulation Desk and speak with a staff member.

 ​​Refunds on the Return of Lost and Paid Books 

  • If you have lost a library item and wish to replace it, we will accept a copy provided it is in new condition and matches the exact ISBN number of the lost item. You need to request permission from the Patron Services Manager prior to purchasing a replacement. 

  • Regardless of whether payment has been made for the item, the library item will remain the property of the University.

  • Any person who falsely claims to have lost library material simply to retain possession can be charged for illegally possessing State property.

  • Only partial refunds will be given for any item returned after payment is accepted or bill is sent to the appropriate office.

  • If you return a lost item between 60 days past due and 6 months, we will issue a partial credit of $65 to your student account. You will still be responsible for a $35 processing fee.

  • If you return a lost item after 6 months overdue, you will not be eligible to receive any refund.

Fines and Lost Items