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Suggest an Item for Purchase

We welcome requests for new materials to add to our collection. As much as we would like to fulfill every request, our budget is limited. We  have different request processes depending on the type of resource, as described below.

Books & DVDs: Each subject area has a budget to purchase print monographs and ebooks, as well as DVDs.  If you have a book, ebook, or DVD purchase request, please contact your subject librarian who will review your request. If a faculty member would like to request an ebook for a course they can search our E-Textbook Database and make a request there.

Streaming Video: Faculty can submit request for streaming video using the streaming video request form. We will consider your request. We do not lease or purchase streaming video for individual use at this time.

Journals and Databases: Journals and Databases can carry yearly costs with cost increases, or are very expensive,  making it difficult to accommodate new requests. We keep a list of requests when funds become available. Please contact your subject librarian with suggestions.

Data Sets/ Text Mining: We currently don’t have funding to purchase new data sets. We encourage faculty to include funding in grant proposals to fund data sets and/or access to text mine library resources. We are happy to facilitate the purchase of this material in the event funding is provided. For general information on this topic visit our Data and Text Mining Research Guide.

If you have any other questions about requesting new materials for the library please contact our Collection Development Librarian, Liz Siler, or your subject librarian.

Suggest an Item for Purchase